We appreciate that from birth, children are connected to family, community, culture and place. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) has been developed to give all children in Australia a consistent and high standard of learning and it forms a cornerstone in our program. At All Star Learners, we aim to extend and enrich the children’s learning from birth to five years with a diverse and stimulating curriculum designed to fulfil every facet of their learning needs. We balance play-based learning with teacher-guided experiences and promote strong support for social and emotional development.


We encourage our children to develop an understanding, strong appreciation of and love for their environment, nurturing a desire to preserve, protect and enhance the natural world around them. We introduce learning opportunities around the environment and conservation, including teaching the children about recycling, our natural world and our oceans. We spend time in our garden planting, tending and gathering what we grow. Our Beach Kindy program involves regular trips to the beach and bush across all seasons. Summer Beach Kindy visits may include wading and swimming experiences. Thorough risk assessments and strict safety guidelines are in place to ensure the children are always safe.


As part of our learning for life philosophy we focus on giving the children daily opportunities to learn skills for life including self-care, independence, healthy eating in mindfulness. We encourage the children to learn about making healthy eating choices and engage them in guided meditation and relaxation. The children are given lots of opportunities to challenge themselves physically and get involved in a variety of sports and activities including basketball, boxing, yoga and gymnastics.


At All Star Learners we are strongly connected to the community and embed regular incursions and excursions into our program. The children learn about different cultures, languages (the children have the opportunity to learn Spanish!) and foods, meet with senior members of our community as well as those with special needs.  Over the last few years, All Star has successfully delivered the ELLA program (Early Learning Languages Australia). It is sponsored by the Australian Government to promote culture and language to pre-schoolers.


In-line with the Early Years Learning Framework, we place specific emphasis on the importance of communication and language including literacy and numeracy. We use challenging and engaging activities to immerse the children in stories, writing and mathematics that is age appropriate and will give them a strong foundation for Kindergarten and beyond. These are play-based and teacher-guided. Interest Projects are also explored to ‘delve deeper’ in the children’s learning as they research a particular area.


Children are born predisposed to express themselves creatively. Whether through imaginative play, cooking, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, acting or building. Children love and need the freedom to stretch their creative wings. At All Star Learners we have creative materials and activities on hand throughout the day, so children can paint, model, create, sing, dance and perform whenever the mood takes them! We also have structured activities to enrich the children’s creative skills and desire to explore.







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