Established in 2007, All Star Learners offers a range of early childhood education and care services from birth to primary school. Our accredited, award-winning Early Years Care and Pre-School centre is based in Botany in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and we’re approved for all childcare subsidies.

The service is privately-owned and managed by directors Jason and Michelle, who are actively involved across all services, along with our exceptional team.

Our focus is on providing a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment for the development of every child in our care. We welcome children from 0-3 years in our Early Years Care program and the All Star Learners Preschool program starts from 3, continuing to 6 years. We support families with hours from 7am to 5.30pm and our day includes breakfast, a freshly cooked lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea. Our qualified team of Educators work closely to create a nurturing, secure, fun and stimulating home-away-from-home for our children.

We also run our Star Club program offering before and after school care in several Primary Schools in the South-Eastern Suburbs. In addition, we offer Vacation Care to school-aged students during school holidays. This is located at Pagewood Public School, Botany. You can visit the Star Club website for more details including how to enrol your primary school-aged child.

At All Star, extra-curricular activities are offered consistently throughout the year, most with no additional fee. These include boxing fitness, yoga, sports workshops, music & dance workshops. Beach Kindy is an embedded part of the program, which compliments planned experiences at the centre. Our Beach Kindy program involves regular visits to the La Perouse / Yarra Bay bush and coastland, where children spend the day learning from the nature.

Risky play is a natural part of children’s play and at All Star Learners, we believe is an important part of how they learn to build skills and resilience. It provides opportunities for our children to challenge themselves, test limits, explore boundaries and learn to assess their own hazards. Children may be exposed to activities such as tree climbing, using wood-working tools, gymnastics equipment, water activities and more.



We believe our children deserve the best possible present and future as they learn for life. If we give them an outstanding start today, it will create the foundations for them to be respectful, capable, resilient, happy, open and responsible citizens of the future. At All Star Learners we strive to create an environment where children feel happy, safe and secure. We work hard to create a space where our children feel ‘at home’, they are challenged and stimulated, make meaningful connections with their peers and educators, and learn skills that will continue to give them an excellent foundation for life.


Our centre focuses on 4 key areas which are rooted in the Department of Education’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF): Connection, Opportunity, Education and Self. Children from birth into their teens thrive on connection. Our program centres on giving the children opportunities to connect with the broader community as well as our families, other children and staff; to broaden their experiences and promote empathy and respect. We value our strong connection with our local community and maintain positive relationships with surrounding primary schools, libraries, nursing homes and emergency services.

Every experience is a learning experience for children. Through creativity, sensory experiences, play and language we focus on creating an educational environment that promotes participation where the children learn with purpose. At All Star Learners we embrace the uniqueness of each child and their family. We make this a central part of your child’s own experience, creating opportunities that are flexible, diverse and stimulating.

We want our children to develop a strong sense of themselves, feel that they belong and have solid foundations for coping both emotionally and physically in a variety of situations. We want them to be secure, independent and resilient throughout their childhood and beyond.










When All Star Learners opened in 2007, we had created our vision of a beautifully designed purpose-built centre providing inspiring, welcoming and safe play spaces for the children. We have a number of areas in the centre across two floors, 3 large rooms and 4 outdoor spaces. Each area is tailored to meet the developmental and learning needs of all age groups and offers a fabulous environment where children can learn and explore. The centre underwent a major renovation in 2014 to offer the children an aesthetic and welcoming learning environment. The renovation included a number of environmentally sustainable building practices including the re-purposing of hardwood pallets to form structures, recycled tyres used for flooring underlay and power and water saving applications.

Our exceptional outdoor spaces are safe, engaging and diverse with a broad variety of play equipment, opportunities for water, sand and mud play, as well as lots of greenery, trees and natural features. There’s plenty to explore and ample room for the children to play in groups or individually.

Our indoor learning spaces offer opportunities for positive interactions and purposeful exploration, including opportunities to build, create, problem-solve, role-play and feed our imaginations. Our indoor areas are open and welcoming, so children can move easily between activities. There is clarity and organisation, so children have a sense of security and belonging, and many opportunities for independent activities as well as collaboration with others throughout the day.


We focus on forming a positive relationship with your child to ensure they feel safe, secure and confident to approach their educators. Each child is valued as an individual, as we understand that all children are unique. Developing confidence and a positive self-esteem for each child is important, and is embedded into the daily experiences.

Physical education and sports are an important part of our program across all ages, supported by specialist staff qualified in this field.

Children are supplied with all meals from 7am to 5.30pm. In line with guidelines from Nutrition Australia and NSW Department of Health, the menu is designed to offer 75% of your child’s daily nutritional needs, to suit children’s preferences and include a variety of multicultural dishes. A modified menu may be offered for children with allergies or special catering needs. Importantly, we are a nut-free centre.

Our centre is part of the Munch & Move initiative, sponsored by NSW Health to support the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time.

All Star Learners actively promotes inclusion for all children, families and staff and we offer flexibility for families with special requirements. This may include access to bilingual information, support services such as family counselling and flexibility in our menu for food allergies, religious considerations and children’s preferences. We also have affiliations with a variety of support agencies to assist children with special needs or concerns. These include KU Inclusion Services, Botany Family & Children’s Services, Tumbatin Clinic and Lifestart.

We aim each year to work with staff and families to maintain and exceed high-quality standards. The doors for communication are always open between families, children, staff and management. We highly value family input in our centre operations and early childhood programs.



Our teaching and support staff are our greatest asset. We measure our success as a team by our low staff turnover and positive team culture. Our staff strive to develop positive relationships with families, ensuring confidentiality, honesty and a genuine concern for the children’s well-being.

Our team is characterised by their dedication to the early childhood industry, and participate in ongoing professional development and workshops, keeping us at the forefront of the sector. All our staff bring their own special skills and talents, each with their own unique style of interacting with the children. Several of our team members are able to speak two or more languages.

Our Staff are Fully Qualified at the Following Levels:

  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood)
    – Director & primary teaching staff
  • Bachelor of Physical Education
    – Primary teaching staff
  • Bachelor of Special Education
    – Primary teaching staff
  • Diploma in Children’s Services
    – Primary teaching staff
  • Certificate III in Children’s services
    – Primary teaching staff
  • Food Safety and Menu Planning Certificates
    – Support and teaching staff


At All Star Learners we are proud to have been consistently recognised by the Early Childhood Education sector and our local community for our commitment to excellence. We continuously strive to maintain a best in class centre. Some of our recent awards include:

2018 Winner: Early Childhood Education Week ‘Learning & Development’
2018 Winner: Early Childhood Education Week ‘Children are Involved Learners’
2018 Bayside Business Awards, Finalist: Excellence in Education & Child Services
2017 Winner: Early Childhood Education Week Awards ‘Learning, Development & Interaction’ award
2017 Winner: Early Childhood Education Week Awards ‘The Power of Families’ award
2017 Winner: Early Childhood Education Week Awards ‘Children are connected with their World’ award
2017 Winner: Early Childhood Education Week Awards ‘Children are confident learners’ award
2017 Winner: Early Childhood Education Week Awards ‘Best Photo’
2014 ‘Kids in the East’ Awards winner: Best Family Customer Service

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